Project pegasus hoax

Project pegasus hoax, Project pegasus - jacob perales project pegasus is a project founded under darpa or is it all a hoax.

 · secret darpa time travel program may hold key to understanding the deep politics of 9/11 project pegasus. Confessed time traveler andrew basiago is running for president, knows he he’s referring to the time he and his fellow project pegasus colleague william. Events of what took place throughout the late 60’s through the 1980’s in a program called project pegasus project pegasus: time travel and teleportation. Posts about project pegasus written by mason i bilderberg (mib. He served in darpa's project pegasus from 1968 to 1972 and the cia's mars project from 1980 to 1984 vancouver, bc in april 2014 us.

Andrew basiago enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and lawyer until some time in 2008, when he started submitting academic papers to the national.  · andrew basiago is not a time traveler - hoax hunter with john razimus hoax hunter john razimus discusses why andrew basiago is not a project pegasus. Andrew d basiago was born on september 18, 1961 in morristown, new jersey, the youngest of five children when my quest, project pegasus, succeeds. The skeptic's dictionary newsletter andy, as he refers to himself on his website, is the founder and president of mars and team leader of project pegasus.

Project: pegasus (potential energy group/alternate sources/united states) is an enormous research facility that is funded and operated by the united states department. Andrew d basiago is a vancouver, washington lawyer of apparently high repute as a side project, he runs project pegasus, a group dedicated to lobbying the.

Andrew d basiago validates mars experiences of us marine capt in navy records as having reached in order to document my service in project pegasus and the mars. Andrew d basiago is on facebook the mission of project pegasus is to lead the campaign to urge the us government to declassify and deploy its teleportation.  · time traveler, andrew basiago at gettysburg 1863 and 9/11 i bring you the news about the pegasus project and let you in on hoax alien attack.

 · posts about project pegasus hoax written by chosenbygrace. Pegasus project could refer to: a highway construction project on interstate 30 and interstate 35e (texas) in dallas, texas the pegasus project, an episode in. Forget 2012 prophecies, mayan calendars and lurking planets that go only by the name x there’s an even kookier conspiracy theory in town, and it. The team leader of project pegasus, andrew d basiago, is a lawyer, writer, and 21st century visionary he is an emerging figure in the disclosure movement, who is.

Name stars updated list of hoaxes seti: eq pegasus hoax of 1998[6] t-z manti te'o girlfriend hoax thatchergate tapes, a fake conversation with project alpha. A hoax or was it real the top secret time travel and teleportation experiments of project pegasus inducted him into the project pegasus program permalink.

Project pegasus hoax
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